April 26, 2011

I Have MY OWN Geek Chic! For Real!

As most people know that I have my own trends. One of them is the jeans (different wash jeans it doesn't matter) rolled up right under the calf or mid-calf. Then you pick your favorite sock. So I'll have different lengths of socks, so it depends on how I might feel about the sock that day. Just to see if I want to rock the sock length high or medium-high. Then, I'll have my favorite colored belt on. And then match it up with my favorite Chuck's! That completes my look. I mean if it's winter then I'll wear a pair of jeans with a nice colored Jackie Kennedy coat (can never get enough of those different colored coats). Anyway, just like the girls were asking. I even have the guys asking where did you get those socks and they study the way I wear the cuffed jeans. I don't know! What I'm gonna do next! Just keeping ya in the know. I call this look Casual Geek Chic!!!!


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