January 28, 2011

People are willing to rent a trailer for the Super Bowl! LOL!


People are willing to rent apartments, homes, and anything that has a roof over it, including renting trailers, too. This mansion which took 6 years to build for Guy Mascolo of Tony & Guy, who died in 2009. You will get to stay five full nights, or you can get a package that includes 18 Super Bowl game tickets, a personal chef, host a cocktail reception, a jet from Lear Jet to Dallas, throw a pre-Super Bowl Party, and use a Ferrari and more...

Now, all this for $300,000 for five nights, or you can have the house for $100,000. Even if the cost was divided by 18 people there still would be a $16,000 tab each. They say celebrities have looked into this. Most people consider this a deal what do yoooooooouuuuuuu think?
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January 24, 2011


It has begun people. Dallas/ Forth Metro-plex is in demand. Most importantly, DFW is doing it BIG planting trees with the Texas Tree Foundation, NFL, ONCOR, Just Energy, TXU Energy, USDA & Texas Forest Service, and Recognition of Cities which were 12 Mayors-Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Arlington, Frisco, Irving,  Plano, Richardson, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Coppell, and Garland. In 5 years we plan tp plant 300 million trees.

I have learned so much about trees helps restore our planet with Air Filtration (produces oxygen and absorbs harmful gases), Water Purification and Conservation (runs off erosion, watersheds, filters rain), Lower Heating and Cooling (reduces heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars), Climate Control (protects from the sun,wind , and rain), Increase Property Value(landscaping), and Improves Social Interaction (lowers crime rate with privacy, beauty, sound barriers).

It was an honor to be among people that are doing so many great things for the community. Kids even got involved with making pictures for Oncor and selected the ones online. There was even had an award for MVP and other awards handed out Former NFL Dallas Cowboy, Drew Pearson and head of NFL Enviromental, Jack Gorh, Director and Drew Pearson let me wear his ring !!!!

January 20, 2011

Teen Pregnancy a Trend! Huh? Really?

Okay! I can understand if someone makes a mistake and people need to go to their parents and tell them what's going on. But how would one be able to go to their parents and say I did on purpose. Like a practical joke among your friends.

Well in Shelby County, Memphis, Tennessee where the population is the majority African-American and poor. In the city of Frayser whether it be middle or high school they has more teenage pregnancies than graduation. Try 90 girls who either are have babies already or have some on the way.

Terrika Sutton, 16 years old, has a two month year old child and talks the news and she explains:

“They were like, ‘Terrika, I never knew you would get pregnant,’ and I was like well it happened.”
The young mother goes onto say, though, that teen pregnancy is nothing to be proud of and that something should be done:
“It’s a shame that all these girls at Frayser are pregnant, but it ain’t nothing new. They probably planned on what they gonna do to get pregnant. Ain’t no telling. They need a class where they can teach girls before they get pregnant to use protection and stuff and so they don’t try to get pregnant.”
Last year, more than 2,100 girls ages 10 to 19 gave birth in Shelby County.  Frayser has the highest teen-pregnancy rate in all of Memphis.
An all-out campaign is being launched to deter teen pregnancy at the school…

Educators and researchers have come up with a new campaign that has been designed to help teens prevent pregnancy called “No Baby!”

Memphis City School officials will set the initiative in motion on Jan. 20. The campaign will be run by Girls Inc., an organization that’s been helping girls in Memphis improve their self-esteem for the past several decades.

The “No Baby!” all-out massive effort to stomp out teen pregnancy will hopefully get the message across to teens to say no to having sex and having babies. “No Baby!” will only encourage abstinence and not provide contraceptives but will give teens the proper tools on how to protect themselves should they decide to engage in sexual relations.

The war against teenage pregnancy is also being infused with $250,000 in advertising that will saturate all forms of social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as using other mediums, such as texts, radio, billboards and television.

The advertising campaign’s rollout will begin with Frayser, but it will expand to include other schools in Memphis where the teen pregnancy problem is rampant. In 10 Memphis zip codes, at least 20 percent of teens have a baby, which is more than double the national average.

My question is… what took them so long? The so-called “campaign” should have been launched when the number hit 10… or how about 5! Apparently these youngsters have no clue about birth control… and sometimes that has to start at home.

Anyway, this is a sad situation and not necessary.
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January 19, 2011

Miss America 2011 17 Year Old Winner

I'm just gonna get right to the point. The new Miss America is only 17 years old and her name is Teresa Scanlan, from Nebraska. Hotttttttt! Welcome to the young club. She solely got the crown because of pure talent. That's right people playing the piano, flawlessly. There was no tweeking or no fine tuning. Just already a full package! Plus, she took a stand about what she believes in! You can never go wrong with that. Way to be about it!

Teresa Scanlan
Source By: AP

January 17, 2011

MLK-A Way from Home

Martin Luther King, a teenage kid nicknamed Tweed, went way north to Connecticut for the summer to earn money of $4 day for college working on a tobacco farm.

According to a researchers of students from Simsbury High School and a professor from Stanford University. King could have been a lawyer, a baseball player, but decided to be a civil rights movement leader after being nominated by Morehouse College students to be a minister.

His birthday is observed every Monday as a federal holiday, spent his time in the tobacco field outside of Hartford a suburb of Simsbury.

His son MLK III says according to Yahoo news,
Martin Luther King III, president and chief executive officer of The King Center, was to deliver the keynote address at the annual holiday observance, held at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where his father preached from 1960 until his death in 1968.
He has linked the holiday honoring the winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize winner to the shootings in Tucson, Ariz., which left six dead and Giffords fighting for her life.
King would have been 82 on Jan. 15. Members of the King family also planned to lay a wreath at the tombs of Martin Luther King Jr. and his widow, Coretta Scott King.
King is the only American who was not a U.S. president to have a federal holiday named in his honor. He has been recognized on the third Monday in January since 1986.
He wrote a week earlier of going to the same church in Simsbury as white people. His new calling as a religious leader was emerging, too.
"I have to speak on some text every Sunday to 107 boys. We really have good meetings," he wrote.
William Duschaneck, an 88-year-old Simsbury resident interviewed by the students, said he played baseball with King in town. King was a strong pitcher, though the future preacher of nonviolence never drilled a batter, he said.
"He was a good ballplayer. He beat us a couple times," Duschanek told The Associated Press, laughing. "It was interesting to hear him talk. He had a nice voice. He talked about God and so forth."
King described the work on the tobacco farm as easy.
"I have a job in the kitchen so I get better food than any of the boys and more. I get as much as I want," he wrote to his mother.

Changed his life. Who knew that he would become great after having high level of resentment towards segregation.

"It's clear that this little town, it made a huge impact on his life," said John Conard-Malley, a Simsbury High School senior who did a documentary with other students on King's experiences in Connecticut. "It's possibly the biggest thing, one of the most important things, people don't know about Martin Luther King's life."
Until then, King was thinking of other professions such as becoming a lawyer, Conard-Malley said. But after his fellow Morehouse College students at the tobacco farm elected him their religious leader, he decided to become a minister.
In his later application to Crozer Theological Seminary King wrote that he made the decision that summer "when I felt an inescapable urge to serve society. In short, I felt a sense of responsibility which I could not escape."
"Perhaps if he hadn't come to Connecticut, hadn't picked tobacco up here, hadn't felt like a free person, hadn't felt what life was like without segregation and been elected the religious minister, he may not have become such a leader in the civil rights movement," Conard-Malley said.
Nicole Byer, a junior at Simsbury High School who narrates the documentary, noted that King was roughly the same age as the students who produced the documentary. Such early experiences can have a profound influence on young people, she said.
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January 16, 2011

Kanye!!! Quit Raining On Our Parade

Kanye West can't stand it when someone else is at the top. So far, Britney Spears is number #1 on iTunes with her hit " Hold It Against Me". We all know that, Jay-Z and Kanye has a song together called "I'mma Let You Finish", but still. You wonder if this is just another publicity stunt. Kanye Tweets, "Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL," the controversial rapper wrote on his Twitter page. Of course, this divides both fans!!!!! UUGHH! Dumb move your losing your own audience!!! 
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Living Life Like It's Golden
68th GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS was a hit and miss for some on the red carpet. But I'm showing you the best dressed on my list. I also, like the fact that the nominations were at its best this year for Alice In Wonderland Best Picture - Comedy and Musical and Black Swan - Best Drama. Ha! Anyway here it goes!!!!!!! CLICK ON THE TITLE  AT THE TOP TO SEE ALL THE PICS!!!!
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January 12, 2011

Give Us More! People Listen U Either Kill Or Feel It! Check It Out!

Another speculation! The girl who started out young with her first hit "Hit Me Baby One More time',  which was one of the Glee song list. The word is that she has a new joint out called "Hold It Against Me" which doesn't have a name for the album or a release date, yet. She is pushing on her seventh album in March 2011 which will be hopefully, super hot. But dang, Britney you've been caught lip-syncing in concert. UUUUUUUGGGHHHHH! Now, rumored that the lyrics leaked out. Anyway, go Britney!
First Listen: Britney Spears, ‘Hold It Against Me’
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January 9, 2011

8 hours of GLEE? GREAT!!!!! ...... NO !


January, 8,2011  My Mom went out to audition for the show " Glee " along with the other 2,000 Glee fans out there in America coming to Dallas, Tx  to land on the Popular Show and she made made it to the 2nd round , but the only reason why she didn't make it to the 3rd round was because of her age and she wasn't close to 18 yrs :( But I am sooo proud of her and they said they fell in love with her voice :)! While there my mom of course always on her duty decided to associate with the people standing in line waiting for there chance to go in and audition and she met a woman by the name of  Presley Kaylyn a.k.a Presley K   who spent the night outside the location at 7:30a.m friday up until January,8,2011 waiting to go inside ! She is a true die hard fan of Glee . Also there my mom met Kyle Byers and Sarah Morgan who have been there with her at 8:00 a.m . But the Biggest complaint that everybody couldn't stop talking about was that the Judges took a lunch break and that turned a amount of people  away , also people even younger than my mom couldn't go past a  round even though it said on the Glee website that you had to be of 18yrs and up . On the plus side MTV , Oxygen , and Different New Stations were there so that means fans  at least had there 15 mins of Fame while standing in line along with a surprise guest appearance  by Blaine Anderson one of cast members from the show . If you want to see pics please click on the title  at the top ! I'm your Host Appiah for Kidsntheknow thanks :)

Blaine glee.jpg
Blaine Anderson Source by Yahoo 

January 7, 2011

Huh? Justin Bieber Crushin' on Raven Symone'!


Singer and dancer Raven-Symone', the teen sensation happened to be walking the red carpet at the People Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Singer, Justin Bieber who happened to see her tagged Raven, 25 years old, on Twitter.

Of course, Raven looked great with new look. As Bieber asked, "Raven Symone would you like to dance with me".

January 6, 2011

Paula Abdul Doing What She Does Best


Paula 's with her goofy character got her new TV dance competition show called "Live to Dance". She is the chief judge to share the panel with legendary choreographer Travis Payne a.k.a Crazy Leggz, and singer and dancer Kimberley Wyatt, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls.

Abdul was replaced by talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres on FOX American Idol, which we found out quickly that FOX made a wrong decision to because many fans missed her.

But she came out on top with 10.2 million viewers.
Paula Abdul was on hand at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on Thursday to judge auditions for CBS's new show 'Live to Dance.'
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January 4, 2011

Texas Arlington Lady Officer Served And Protected-SAD DAY


The City Of Arlington is proud today honoring someone that was so young, practically out of college, who just graduated from police officer training December 13th. On December 28th, Officer Jillian Michelle Smith, 24, was shot and killed trying to take a report of the domestic violence that took place at a southeast apartment complex Tuesday night. As Smith was trying to take the report she saw that the ex-boyfriend killed the ex-girlfriend and one other person inside of the apartment. 
Smith who went there without a partner was shot protecting the 11-year old of the ex-girlfriend Kimberly Deshay Carter. After that, the killer turned the gun on himself and he was dead by the time other police got there.

As for the 11-year old she escaped unharmed.

Police said Nettles was a registered sex offender in Arlington for an offense that occurred in Washington state. He had bonded out, and a court date was pending for that incident.
Source from WFAA Staff-
Smith was born in Arlington and first became interested in law in the sixth grade. She graduated from Seguin High School in 2005, and the University of Texas at Arlington in August 2009, with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology.
She graduated from the Arlington Police Academy in February and completed her field training on December 13.
"Her family is very close. Her sister, Jessica, was her best friend," said Arlington police Chief  Dr. Theron Bowman.
"She was a great young lady and an excellent police officer," he added.
"The only reason she wanted to be a police officer — and the only reason she was at that house last night — was to help people," said Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck. "We feel like our hearts are broken. Our hearts go out to the family."
Smith is the eighth Arlington Police Officer to die in the line of duty and the second to die in the line of duty this year.

Donations for the family of Arlington police Officer Jillian Smith can be made through the Arlington Police Association. Checks should be made payable to "APA Foundation - Officer Jillian Smith," and can be mailed to:
Arlington Police Association
P. O. Box 27
Arlington, TX 76004
Donations can also be made in her name through the Arlington Federal Credit Union (AFCU) at any of the AFCU locations. Please contact the Arlington Police Association at 817-261-3471 orarlingtonpa@sbcglobal.net with any questions.
Officer Smith Funeral
Source By: WFAA
Officer Jillian Smith
Source By: WFAA

January 3, 2011

Taylor Swift have to take off her clothes? Really?

Taylor Swift vs. Lady Gaga-Can one compare?

According to Women's Wear Daily reports the magazine publications, like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle etc... Their best-selling issues for 2010 appeared when Lady Gaga graced the cover. I mean you've got Cosmo short for Cosmopolitan's April issue featured Gaga had sold $1.7 million copies to make it the best seller of the year. I mean Rolling Stone made $245,000 copies, almost Rolling Stone's average newsstand sales. Along with many other publications that Gaga on the cover. Which tells me that its not about just selling records and making being on the road for concerts. It's about having a look. 

Taylor is not selling her image in magazines. Ordinary people think it's okay to just look average but in the industry its a different world. And why would people settle for less. I agree, America has caught on. Not to say that, Taylor is not great because even I like her as best-selling artist with her dad supporting her by selling her T-Shirts at her concerts but its always gonna be that somebody that comes along sweeps everyone off their feet. No one is saying she should take off your clothes but think outside the box. I agree, America has caught on. Their tired of the same thing. Just spice it up sometimes you be surprised. I'm well known for always having my OWN trends and since of style. Take it from me change is good. 

Taylor Swift
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