November 5, 2011

What Guy's Really Think about Girl's Saggin'

A very touchy topic. But if you know me then you know I like to push the envelope. I decided to get different opinions from the guys about how they feel about girls saggin'. Well, to be honest guys don't like it at all. The reason they gave was that it just shouldn't happen. One of the guys said it's better for them to wear tight jeans for them to look at. Ranting in their minds not sharing openly about how they really feel. Which is the norm. The way they see it is they are trying to imitate them (the guys). In my own opinion because this is my article. I agree with the guys. I apologize in advance but when I saw this for myself I was so caught off guard that didn't take the picture.   


krevez said...

i think it's sexism. that's why the guys don't want girls to sag.because in their mind,it's "guy's turf" and the girls should be "sexier".

which i think is a load of crap. anyone should be allowed to express how they want to dress,if a girl wants to sag,then let her sag,and vice versa.

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