July 24, 2011

Kristen Stewart POWERS UP In Snow White-She Tells Comic-Con 2011

You know how Disney gives you the fluffy and singing movies.... Well, "Snow White" was not suppose to be fragile but to be very grim and a fight your fight story. More like I can seriously take you on. In Kristen Stewart's next movie Snow White, she tells the crowd just that.
According to reports from Yahoo and the Associated Press, Stewart joined other cast and crew Saturday at the Comic-Con fan convention for a preview of next year's "Snow White" and the Huntsman," an action-packed twist on the fairy tale.
The "Twilight" star told a Comic-Con crowd that doing a sweet, traditional "Snow White" was not something "I was jumping at." What attracted her was that this Snow White was a bold leader with her feet firmly on the ground.
"Also, I get to have a sword and stuff," Stewart said. "Really cool weapons."
The other most impressive actress who will be playing the evil queen will be Charlize Theron.
The movie comes out next year in June. This is great because this will be double action with the same year, including another "Snow White" in March. Personally, I like the idea that Stewart, Theron and other cast came in character. 
I can't wait!!!!!!! No, I can not!
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart


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