April 22, 2011

Kardashian's Bomb Prom SMASH IT or TRASH IT !


April 21,2011 Kylie and Kendall Kardashian go to there prom night  in El Capitan , CA wearing matching blue dresses and 3 inch wedges . Sorry Girls but I give you a D+ on this  outfit for real . This is the common mistake that majority of girls do when they go to there prom is get "plain jane" and distasteful  dresses and awful shoes , or heals to go with it that look so painful to were  they have to take it off! Advice to give: This is your Big day  and possibly maybe for all girls your last year in High school make it count ! Treat it like your future wedding day even if you don't want marriage still treat it like your last moment to be young and free . I love the Kardashian's but I have to be honest these dresses BOMBED!   Now that I said my opinion let's hear yours Smash it or Trash it ? comment at the bottom 

SOURCE by : Kim Kardashian 


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