April 30, 2011

GLEE - Fully Happy That Matthew Morrison is Debuting His Album

GLEE Teacher, Mr. Schuester-Matthew Morrison Is On His Way
Matthew Morrison is coming with his new solo album and new first single released "Summer Rain." Morrison is touring 50 cities, starting in Minneapolis with June 18 and ending July 23 in Los Angeles. 
According to OMG, "Here are five things you may not know about the tour--including how you could take part!"

1. Along with songs from "Glee," Morrison will be bringing a "'40s and '50s New York feel" to his tour shows, which he promises will be "sexy." If it's anything like the time Mr. Schue sexed up Coach Sue Sylvester with some funk music and hot dancing, we're so there.
2. Morrison is also partnering up with VH1's Save the Music to offer local glee clubs the chance to compete to win a spot as his opening act. Any group of 3 to 30 people can apply, even if you're not affiliated with a school. Contestants must be 13 or older. Visit Morrison's official website for more details. Applications will be accepted until May 25, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST.
3. Morrison recently spoke with TV and radio host Ryan Seacrest about how, aside from treating "Glee" fans to his stellar voice and sultry dance moves, he hopes to give something back to the communities on his tour. He plans to visit underprivileged areas and "find some kids that are really into music, and hook them up with the best possible guitar teacher or music teacher that they could probably never afford." It's no surprise Morrison makes Mr. Schuester such a convincingly caring teacher on screen.
4. Your local glee club might not be the only cool guests you'll see on Morrison's tour. Since he recorded songs with both Gwyneth Paltrow ("Glee" teacher Holly Holliday) and Elton John, the two could join him on the tour. "We're talking about it," Morrison says. "It's going to be if our schedules match up."
5. Like the show "Glee," Morrison's tour will have it all: singing, dancing, and comedy. He's reportedly teaming up with Funny or Die to create videos for the tour, perhaps something like this one of Morrison and Jane Lynch carpooling.
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April 26, 2011

I Have MY OWN Geek Chic! For Real!

As most people know that I have my own trends. One of them is the jeans (different wash jeans it doesn't matter) rolled up right under the calf or mid-calf. Then you pick your favorite sock. So I'll have different lengths of socks, so it depends on how I might feel about the sock that day. Just to see if I want to rock the sock length high or medium-high. Then, I'll have my favorite colored belt on. And then match it up with my favorite Chuck's! That completes my look. I mean if it's winter then I'll wear a pair of jeans with a nice colored Jackie Kennedy coat (can never get enough of those different colored coats). Anyway, just like the girls were asking. I even have the guys asking where did you get those socks and they study the way I wear the cuffed jeans. I don't know! What I'm gonna do next! Just keeping ya in the know. I call this look Casual Geek Chic!!!!

April 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! - About the Mean Girl

Just one minute ago. It was tweeted to me on Twitter that starlet Lindsay Lohan will spend 120 days behind bars or in jail after the judge rules because of the $2,500 jewelry theft charge was a violation her 2007 probation with the drunk driving in January.  Does this surprise me? The long history of trying to have a bad girl attitude with late night under age drinking at the club, being on drugs, drinking while driving, now been caught stealing. Lohan had already served jail time last summer for 2 weeks ago. What does she expect?

Yahoo reports that the said, The judge in the case ruled that the evidence she had heard on Friday in the jewelry incident was a probation violation and sentenced the actress to 120 days jail and 480 hours community service -- some of it a morgue.
"She is to serve 120 days...forthwith," judge Stephanie Sautner said. "Perhaps she might see how women who have fallen on real hard times have to live and maybe she will change."
Lohan turned to her lawyer looking confused and distressed as she was taken into custody at the Los Angeles courthouse.
Lohan's lawyer filed an immediate appeal and Lohan's camp scrambled to post bail set at $75,000 to secure her swift release from custody pending that appeal. 
She lost her audience, can't get jobs, and no one can trust her. It is what is!
Lohan, with her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, ...

Kardashian's Bomb Prom SMASH IT or TRASH IT !


April 21,2011 Kylie and Kendall Kardashian go to there prom night  in El Capitan , CA wearing matching blue dresses and 3 inch wedges . Sorry Girls but I give you a D+ on this  outfit for real . This is the common mistake that majority of girls do when they go to there prom is get "plain jane" and distasteful  dresses and awful shoes , or heals to go with it that look so painful to were  they have to take it off! Advice to give: This is your Big day  and possibly maybe for all girls your last year in High school make it count ! Treat it like your future wedding day even if you don't want marriage still treat it like your last moment to be young and free . I love the Kardashian's but I have to be honest these dresses BOMBED!   Now that I said my opinion let's hear yours Smash it or Trash it ? comment at the bottom 

SOURCE by : Kim Kardashian 

April 21, 2011


Earth Day 2011
Earth Day is tomorrow!!! I already have planted trees and the Earth Day project! Hopefully, you are doing your part! These are ways that everyone can enjoy the day tomorrow:

  • At participating Starbucks, you can bring in a reusable mug on April 22 to get free brewed coffee or tea.
  • Origins is offering a trade-in program on Earth Day. Receive a free full-size face cleanser when you bring one of your empty skin-care bottles (from any brand) to an Origins retail store or department-store counter for recycling. Choose from A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser With White Tea orChecks and Balances Frothy Face Wash.
  • Evos is giving away free organic milkshakes on Earth Day. The healthy fast-food chain has locations in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.
  • At the Disney Store, you can trade in five disposable plastic bags for recycling and receive a free reusable shopping bag on April 22.
  • Lowe's is giving away one million trees on April 23.
  • Kmart is offering discounts on everything from air conditioners to TVs on April 22.
  • Drugstore.com is giving up to 60% off on green and natural products through April 22.
  • All 394 U.S. national parks have free admission now through Sunday, April 24.
  • Travelocity has green hotels on sale for up to 40% off. You can also enter to win two round-trip Virgin America tickets and a couple of nights at an eco-friendly hotel.
  • The Yoga Journal offers a free digital download of the May issue.
  • The Sierra Club's Earth Day contest gives a chance to win a trip for two to Vieques Island in the Caribbean -- you just add a green pledge to the map.
  • On Target's website, you can enter the Refresh Your Nest sweepstakes through the end of the month. The grand prize is a home makeover that's valued at up to $50,000. You can also win a trip to Napa Valley, a Nikon camera, products from Burt's Bees or Tom's of Maine, and more.

girl shopping with reusable bag
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8 year old Fort Worth Girl Wears An "S" On Her Chest

CBS 11 NEWS tells how she came out on top! CLICK ON THE TITLE TO SEE!

April 20, 2011

King and Queen was definitely sweet from here!

King and Queen was definitely sweet from here!
I'm lost for words. But I will say this a lot love put into this PROM! Bravo!

April 19, 2011


Olsen twin moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley did it again! The came out with their own 13 line eyewear to add to their Elizabeth and James label. Teen fashionistas that I grew up with not only with their shows but their clothing line, as well. Smash hit or trash it? I think it's a SMASH HIT!!!
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Elizabeth and James

GLEE Extra Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut!

OOPS!!! Looks Like You Got Put On Blast-_-
Extra, Nicole Crowther,  thought it was cute to blab about what was going to happen on the popular teen show "GLEE" when it came to the Prom King and Queen information on Twitter. Talk about no respect for the viewers. I'm even disturbed by that myself. Who wants to know about the surprise when its spoiled. Duh!!
Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Brad Falchuk said in so many other words that Crowther will never work in Tinseltown. Of course, the tweets are not there anymore but still it leaked out to other main sources. But when I checked the sources they were gone, as well. Luckily!
People don't understand the importance of TOP SECRET. 
Yahoo reports that, Falchuk said to Crowther,"Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment," he wrote. "Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"
 Crowther responds by saying,"I'm truly sorry. I was being completely thoughtless and made a horrible mistake. I'm deeply & incredibly sorry Brad." She also apologized directly to Gleeks, saying she needs to "think things through before just saying them."
Watch "GLEE" Tuesday on Fox 8/7c

April 17, 2011

Girl Scouts of the North East Texas : Girl Scout Ceremony


On April 16, 2011 I went to the Union Station in Downtown Dallas to attend the Girl Scout Annual Meeting Ceremony Luncheon.  The event lasted from 9:30 a.m-1:30 p.m. with the key note speakers, Chair Of The Board Valerie Freeman - Founder/CEO of Imprimis Group & Bravo Technical Freeman., Director & Co-Founder of ANSTREAM LLC., Board Member of North Dallas Chamber of Commercewho is now the new 2011-2013 Chair Board Member, and Girl Scout Of North Texas - CEO Colleen Walker, Former Board Chair who has retired her governance position in April 2011 which she has served since 1996. Then board officer in 2000 and named first Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas in 2007 -Lynne Mabry, Barabara Van Riper, Sharon King, Rani Garcia, Secetary Earl Simpkins,  who walked us through every single accomplishment that the Girl Scouts of America have done over the years and showed us how important it is too be a Girl Scout, and that your never to old too be one. They covered about the different types of camps that will be there and won't be there anymore along with covering how much money they raised for the camps. These key speakers announced who was nominated to be a National Council Delegate. Juliette - Appiah Montgomery is now a National Council Delegate for Texas out of 15 adults and Appiah is one of the only 2 girls selected to represent our cause. Also recognized at the annual meeting was Richardson Texas Service Unit 164's Cookie Coordinator Rich Harmswhich has been an important role keeping up annual cookie sales for many years. Most of all, everyone there was truly honored to be there and learn more about Girl Scouts than what I thought I knew. According to the Girl Scouts of North Texas, 2010 was a year of transformation for Girl Scouts of North Texas (GSNETX). Girl Scouts has an amazing legacy of 99 years old advancing millions of girls and women into the nation's leadership pipeline. it is with this proud perspective, and the need to be relevant for today's girls, that GSNETX undertook a strategic effort. With the 100th anniversary on the horizon, GSNETX set out to create a high performing, high capacity council to serve girls brilliantly in the second century of Girl Scouting. To be exact, nearly 2.5 million Girl Scouts and 50 million Girl Scout Alumnae nationwide are anticipating the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts on March 2012.

New Slate 2011-2013

Board Of Directors
Valerie Freeman-Chair of the Board

C.J. Vogel-First Vice Chair

Board Of Directors

Kit Addleman
Susan Adzick
Gina Betts
Jenny Birge
Bea Bourne
Bill E. Carter
Brenda Cubbage
Rani Garcia
Sharon King
kay Maxwell
David Millheiser
Maria Thereza Neisler
Catherine Pena
Bonita McClain Vinson
Kacy Whitehead
Cathy Witt

National Council Delegates

Kit Addleman
Jennifer Bartkowski
Barrett Cole
Kelly Cole
Lani Connolly, PhD.
Elizabeth Cotner
Deborah Enda
Valerie Freeman
Bryna Garrison
Gerri Gordon 
Alice Hogue
Jennifer Kelley
Appiah Montgomery
Sara Jo Mueller
Tanya Plumb
Debbie Roling
Rosalind Rosenthal
Connie Sens
Julia Skiles
Colleen Walker

National Council Alternates

Emily Allbright
Millie Bradley
Jennifer Clubb
Monica Contreras
Dee Francis
Kimilee Gould
Joy Hart-Hunter
Gwyneth Lloyd 
David Millheiser
Pat Sherwood
Earl Simpkins
Rebecca Vallo
Georgia Weddle

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April 13, 2011

Students Make A Video To Save Texas Teachers' Jobs

A few kids from Blooming Grove ISD from Navarro County decided to do a song on the funding crisis. Expressing the fear of losing the the budget for our teachers to teach at our schools. They felt like by joining together that this would be the only way to get their point across to the Austin lawmakers of the Lone Star state, Texas. Here is the video that is spreading on Youtube.com!

A student in the Blooming Grove H.S. education cuts music video. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

April 12, 2011

Princess Peach Finally Earns Her Crown

Princess Peach Finally Earns Her Crown
Famous gamer Princess Peach is finally getting her start off. You would think that her starring in older and newer games she would be highlighted. In the world of gaming they have their own royalty. Mario Games kept Princess Peach as their best kept secret. Just as the real royalty has their royalty secrets. Well so does the royalty of gaming. 

April 10, 2011

Kids you should know ?

Javi Velez : Skate Boarding 

Javi Velez is a 16 year old Sophmore at Lake Highlands High who's love is skateboarding ! Skateboarding is a very popular trend and lifestyle in the 21st Century for most teens both sexes and adults  . Javi  practices with his friends every chance he gets to have not only the experience but too have fun .  So I have decided to interview Javi  and hear his thoughts and opinion as a kid about skateboarding ! Here are my Q's and here is his A's .

KIDSNTHEKNOW:What are the reasons  why your so passionate about skateboarding? Do you 
                                    think of it as a sport ,trend, or lifestyle ?

VELEZ To me skateboarding isn't some activity or hobbie, I do this every single day. So like to think of it more of a sport. The reason why I'm so passionate is  the feeling when you get on the board and you give it a push. Most of all skating with friends?, ahh, it's the best. Every time I see a skateboarding video I get so motivated and it's just a really good feeling basically.

KIDSNTHEKNOW:  Who is your favorite PRO  Skate Boarder ?

VELEZ Well, I have several favorite skaters, and not really by how good they are but their skateboarding style and their personality. But my favorite favorite skate would probably have to be David Gravette. He completely motivates me when I see one of his videos. He's one of the reasons why I get my board and go out there and do work. He is sponsored my Creature decks and his style is just extraordinary!

KIDSNTHEKNOWWhat's your favorite skateboard trick ?

VELEZ : Umm, I don't necessarally  have a favorite trick. But one trick I just love doing are backside 180 ollies. Their just so fun to land and it makes me feel so pro when I land them of sets, gaps, and ledges.

KIDSNTHEKNOWDo you see this as a career someday ?

VELEZ believe it or not, I don't really see this as my future career and not because I doubt I will become pro but because I would want to waste my years being a professional skateboarder while having a chance to go to collage and getting a degree right after high school.

Alright well you read  it here on the KIDSNTHEKNOW Blog ! That's my show 



That Was Fast!

Click On The Title To See The Last Performance!
American Idol's Finalist New York Pia Toscano, 22, was booted off the show. Following that she got signed to a major label! Umm! Try less than 24 hours Interscope Records rushed her to sign on the dotted line. Picture being told you didn't make the cut on Thursday and told Friday that there's gonna be the best songwriters and producers in town at your disposal. How hot is that? And of course, she accepted the deal.

Who can blame her? Basically, this happens to most of the contestants on the show. Ask Oscar winner/ Spokeswoman-Weight Watchers/Singer Jennifer Hudson, Pop Artist Chris Daughtry, Clay Aikan as their careers thrive. All it takes is a little exposure. Us Magazine was able to confirm that the deal was made over a call with the songstress and she said, "You don't know for sure why things happen, but you know, it did!" she told reporters during a Friday conference call. "It was my time to go on the show and I'm excited to see what my future holds."

Story photo: American Idol's Pia Toscano Scores a Record Deal!
Us Magazine

April 8, 2011



April ,8, 2011 THE FANATICS came out with another song called "Charlie Sheen" which is such a hit  especially perfect timing when Charlie Sheen , comedian/actor, is the talk of the town these days and by the way coming soon too Dallas ,TX .  If you don't know who THE FANATICS are then you came too the right blog to find out ! THE FANATICS  are new rap group that formed at very young age too share there love of flow in the music industry and is very ready to show the world . Inspired by The Charlie Sheen showdown thats been going on for weeks now they decided to right a  song about it !" Check out this new song  by THE FANATICS !


April 6, 2011

Could Greyson Chance be the better Justin Bieber?

Could Greyson Chance be the better Justin  

Bieber ?

 Greyson Chance, 13 year old,  is the new guy in the music business ! Just like Justin Bieber , he was discovered on Youtube.com  doing a cover on Lady Gaga's  "Paparazzi"  with his  brother Tanner ,19yrs old, and his 16yr old sister Alexa Chance , after being inspired by her performance on 2009 MTV Music Video awards . Chance quotes that 

I was awestruck by her performance, 

I love her sense of drama and theatricality, plus she’s an amazing singer and piano 

player.”  Now let's get too why he is possibly a better Justin Biebs ! Chance sings more  phenomenally than him and  being at a much younger age than him with a deeper and soothing voice even Ellen DeGeneres agrees  since she was the one who saw his video on Youtube and decided to have him come on her show and perform immediately ! What? You don't believe me ? You still think that Justin Bieber is a better singer ? Well maybe you should watch this video and see what you think !  Greyson Chance will be performing at The House of Blues  on May,8,2011 and will also be going on Tour with iCarly's, Miranda Cosgrove ! Way to Go Greyson !

Source Google 

April 5, 2011

TXU Teen Film Finalist 2011 for the movie Aftermath! Check it out!

Click On The Title for the Pictures!
Young Hollywood as we would say. You know producers, directors, and actors give their spill on how to do what they did. Olivia Pich, Stanford Parrish, and Jeffrey Rivas from Garland High School are destined for Hollywood. Their competing to win $30,000 for scholarship money for college. And they started right here in Texas! You know that I go crazy when favorite state Texas, Lone Star, that is. Is put on the map!