April 30, 2011

GLEE - Fully Happy That Matthew Morrison is Debuting His Album

GLEE Teacher, Mr. Schuester-Matthew Morrison Is On His Way
Matthew Morrison is coming with his new solo album and new first single released "Summer Rain." Morrison is touring 50 cities, starting in Minneapolis with June 18 and ending July 23 in Los Angeles. 
According to OMG, "Here are five things you may not know about the tour--including how you could take part!"

1. Along with songs from "Glee," Morrison will be bringing a "'40s and '50s New York feel" to his tour shows, which he promises will be "sexy." If it's anything like the time Mr. Schue sexed up Coach Sue Sylvester with some funk music and hot dancing, we're so there.
2. Morrison is also partnering up with VH1's Save the Music to offer local glee clubs the chance to compete to win a spot as his opening act. Any group of 3 to 30 people can apply, even if you're not affiliated with a school. Contestants must be 13 or older. Visit Morrison's official website for more details. Applications will be accepted until May 25, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST.
3. Morrison recently spoke with TV and radio host Ryan Seacrest about how, aside from treating "Glee" fans to his stellar voice and sultry dance moves, he hopes to give something back to the communities on his tour. He plans to visit underprivileged areas and "find some kids that are really into music, and hook them up with the best possible guitar teacher or music teacher that they could probably never afford." It's no surprise Morrison makes Mr. Schuester such a convincingly caring teacher on screen.
4. Your local glee club might not be the only cool guests you'll see on Morrison's tour. Since he recorded songs with both Gwyneth Paltrow ("Glee" teacher Holly Holliday) and Elton John, the two could join him on the tour. "We're talking about it," Morrison says. "It's going to be if our schedules match up."
5. Like the show "Glee," Morrison's tour will have it all: singing, dancing, and comedy. He's reportedly teaming up with Funny or Die to create videos for the tour, perhaps something like this one of Morrison and Jane Lynch carpooling.
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