April 10, 2011

Kids you should know ?

Javi Velez : Skate Boarding 

Javi Velez is a 16 year old Sophmore at Lake Highlands High who's love is skateboarding ! Skateboarding is a very popular trend and lifestyle in the 21st Century for most teens both sexes and adults  . Javi  practices with his friends every chance he gets to have not only the experience but too have fun .  So I have decided to interview Javi  and hear his thoughts and opinion as a kid about skateboarding ! Here are my Q's and here is his A's .

KIDSNTHEKNOW:What are the reasons  why your so passionate about skateboarding? Do you 
                                    think of it as a sport ,trend, or lifestyle ?

VELEZ To me skateboarding isn't some activity or hobbie, I do this every single day. So like to think of it more of a sport. The reason why I'm so passionate is  the feeling when you get on the board and you give it a push. Most of all skating with friends?, ahh, it's the best. Every time I see a skateboarding video I get so motivated and it's just a really good feeling basically.

KIDSNTHEKNOW:  Who is your favorite PRO  Skate Boarder ?

VELEZ Well, I have several favorite skaters, and not really by how good they are but their skateboarding style and their personality. But my favorite favorite skate would probably have to be David Gravette. He completely motivates me when I see one of his videos. He's one of the reasons why I get my board and go out there and do work. He is sponsored my Creature decks and his style is just extraordinary!

KIDSNTHEKNOWWhat's your favorite skateboard trick ?

VELEZ : Umm, I don't necessarally  have a favorite trick. But one trick I just love doing are backside 180 ollies. Their just so fun to land and it makes me feel so pro when I land them of sets, gaps, and ledges.

KIDSNTHEKNOWDo you see this as a career someday ?

VELEZ believe it or not, I don't really see this as my future career and not because I doubt I will become pro but because I would want to waste my years being a professional skateboarder while having a chance to go to collage and getting a degree right after high school.

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