May 31, 2011

Do You Have The X Factor?

Do You Have The X Factor?
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Over 10,000 contestants did. The lines were long and waits were long. People were there since 4 a.m. Lots of cheering, dancing, singing going on to make the day go by. This event took place on May 25 and 26 at the Dallas Convention Center. Judges showing up people hoping to see Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Not to mention, there were people from New York, Miami, Arkansas, Louisiana, California, Ukraine, and Chicago. Many styles of music from folk, opera, pop, country, blues, and jazz. You were judge by group or solo acts. Another thing is don't ask me why people show up in costume. They particularly came to make the news. Do they actually think their going to be taken seriously? Some were.

Jesuit Prep Teen Makes The Cut Again,17, In The Byron Nelson

Dallas Jesuit Prep Teen Makes The Cut Again, 17, In The Byron Nelson
Of course, Byron Nelson Championship 2011 was held in Irving, TEXAS. Anyway, the same day the Jordan Speith had his graduating ceremony class of 246 seniors at SMU. Which in fact, started at 4 p.m. on Saturday, far from the Byron Nelson. I wonder if he even made it on time in the first place? I don't know much about Golf but I'm just happy to know that Speith is a kid and that he made it into the big leagues. To where he was able to participate later on this week with the help of other sponsors. According to reports Speith said,
Jordan Spieth, a local Dallas amateur, makes the Byron Nelson cut for the second straight year. (Getty Images)
Jordan Spieth, a local Dallas amateur, makes the Byron Nelson cut for the second straight year. (Getty Images)
"Right after the round .... I'm going to shoot over there is quickly as possible," Spieth said. "I don't know how long [graduation] usually lasts."
Since diplomas are handed out in alphabetical order, the 17-year-old Spieth figures that will at least buy him some extra time.
"Exactly," he said, smiling. "Should be at least an hour into it, be toward the end."
After finishing in a tie for 16th at the Nelson last year, and still within three strokes of the lead after 10 holes in the final round, Spieth received a sponsor's exemption to play in the tournament again this week.
Spieth, a U.S. Junior Amateur champion who plans to attend the University of Texas, had one of the larger galleries following him during the second round Friday.
"I want to win," Spieth said. "I'm confident. Staying loose and seeing my friends in the crowd and feeding off the crowd helps me."

May 30, 2011

Jeremy Wilmans Skate-Boardin' Tragedy !


Jeremy Wilmans, 16, was a well known teenager in his community and was loved by all, but unfortunately it all came to an end when he passed away from a skate boarding accident  May 23, 2011 ! Jeremy fought for 4 days in Parkland Hospital and died within an hour! Friends of Jeremy are showing there love for him by making orange T-shirts which was his favorite color and putting a scripture from the bible Phillipians 1:20 and also writing on his facebook page as if he never died at all! Emma Dunlap his best friend along with other friends of his started a foundation and those who want to support it may please go to Those of you want to know more detail on his death watch this video below by clicking the link. R.I.P. Jeremy Wilmans and please pray for him , his friends, and most of all his family !
 CHASE Bank : Walk into any CHASE Bank location, fill out a deposit slip or write on...the back of your check the following:

Jeremy Wilmans Irrevocable Trust Donations Account.

Acct # 299 784 5603 

May 24, 2011

Emma Watson coming to the point of a BREAKDOWN


Emma Watson,21, is deeply hurt about the second part of  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows to were she is about to have major breakdown . The young actress has starred in all seven  Harry Potter films  and it makes since why she would feel this way . That's right this is officially the  last Harry Potter film for all fans, actors,and actresses who have grew up with the movie but most of all the author of the novels we have all read , J.K Rowling! This is a movie that honestly Twilight and the author Stephanie Meyer cannot  touch ever . J.K Rowling shows people that you are never to old to live your dream and succeed . We will all miss and love Harry Potter forever !

New Deathly Hallows part 2 poster

May 15, 2011

IN - N - OUT

A new burger joint In-N-Out has just hit the scene just last Wednesday. According to a In-N-Out representative says that, "In-N-Out has been open for only five days. This fast food restaurant is not new to business but it is new to Texas. To make this restaurant run smoothly is the fact that they have people from Nevada, Arizona, California, and Utah." Right now, In-N-Out has two locations in Allen and Frisco, Texas. Soon there will be 8 more opening throughout the Dallas Metroplex. Some say it was long lines but for it only took 10 minutes. I take that back the drive thru was long but their use to high traffic. Depending on supply and demand they will hand out In-N-Out hats as part of a welcome from them to you and just being apart of the experience. Their individual item prices ranges from $1.30- $3.25. Now, the look of the food is great as you can tell. I'm a food critic so... here it goes! My personal experience that I had was ordering the chocolate shake and cheeseburger was alright. I felt like the french fries could have been better. But the title speaks for itself.

May 14, 2011

Yeah, What Mom Do You Know That Can Do "The DOUGIE" like Ms. Obama?

A First Lady Showing Us How It's Suppose To Be Done
Even I'm in awe of Ms. Michelle Obama. Usually, when I don't have much to say because I'm blown a away with excitement. According to GlobalGrind Staff, "If you aren’t feeling First Lady Michelle Obama, then there’s something wrong with you. Mrs. Obama is the coolest First Lady that young people can actually relate to. She is the mother figure for our generation." I won't speak on it, anymore. And I just let the video speak for itself.

May 13, 2011

Former Dallas Cowboy's Athlete Speaks Out About Tom Landry

On Friday, May 13, 2011 I received a picture of my grandfather, Reginald Brown, 61, who played for America's team the Dallas Cowboy's #65. As you can imagine, I was surprised when I heard about this historical information. But when I asked him about who coached him at the time of him playing he told me Tom Landry. Brown says,

Well, to answer your questions: I played from January 1974 to September of the same year. I didn't make the final roster but I did start in the first exhibition game against the Oakland Raiders. I played on offense but I was really a defensive player. Anyway, my coach at the time was Tom Landry. It was ironic because we had the same date of birth and he lived in Austin when I moved there back in 1985. He died about 12 years later.

Who knew? The only thing I have a problem with is... Random thought but umm, just with you saying you should have been playing defense instead of offense. This is not like this is your round and about typical story. Thanks for the pic. I might go to the Cowboys and ask them for a team pick. So, we can have. I'm proud!!! 
Grandpa Reggie Brown - #65

May 6, 2011


I know that Marvel's comic Thor is going to be as friend Larry Mitchell would put it, BEASTY!!! As Chris Hemsworth is going to take human strength to another level. I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed about this character, at all! The movie debuts May 6, 2011. Ahhhhhhh! Yayyyyyyyy!
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