April 6, 2011

Could Greyson Chance be the better Justin Bieber?

Could Greyson Chance be the better Justin  

Bieber ?

 Greyson Chance, 13 year old,  is the new guy in the music business ! Just like Justin Bieber , he was discovered on Youtube.com  doing a cover on Lady Gaga's  "Paparazzi"  with his  brother Tanner ,19yrs old, and his 16yr old sister Alexa Chance , after being inspired by her performance on 2009 MTV Music Video awards . Chance quotes that 

I was awestruck by her performance, 

I love her sense of drama and theatricality, plus she’s an amazing singer and piano 

player.”  Now let's get too why he is possibly a better Justin Biebs ! Chance sings more  phenomenally than him and  being at a much younger age than him with a deeper and soothing voice even Ellen DeGeneres agrees  since she was the one who saw his video on Youtube and decided to have him come on her show and perform immediately ! What? You don't believe me ? You still think that Justin Bieber is a better singer ? Well maybe you should watch this video and see what you think !  Greyson Chance will be performing at The House of Blues  on May,8,2011 and will also be going on Tour with iCarly's, Miranda Cosgrove ! Way to Go Greyson !

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