March 17, 2011

I See That Dating Can Go Both Ways-Man Whore

This seems to be a domino affect. You got, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel break up and Justin has already moved on to someone else. Well, duh this can only mean that he had already been creepin' before they broke up. Jerk!

Umm, who else? Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal (from the movie Prince Of Persia) Even he was with Reese Witherspoon)-Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Now, Joe Jonas, 21, from the band Jonas Brother's has not only been with one of my favorite actresses, Ashley Greene, 24, from "Twilight" but he was with Demi Lavoto, I thought that he was with Camilla Belle, and Taylor Swift etc....

Tell us what's the excuse this time. OMG reports,  

"They broke up shortly before her birthday, then got back together."
Explains the first source of the sudden split: "Joe wasn't that into it."

And when they split up they gotta have their reps announce it?! Now, how lame is that? This procedure is not Hollywood to me. It's just weird! It's like saying, hey guys over here WE BROKE UP! JUST THOUGHT Y'ALL SHOULD KNOWWWWWWW!

I guess I will never understand it O_o
Story photo: Reps: Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene Split
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Anonymous said...

Appiah! I enjoy reading your posts. But I did want to state some of my opinions for discussion : )

Jake Gyllenhaal is not a man whore. I am not being biased because I think he's a good actor and extremely good looking... putting that aside I see Taylor Swift as the girl who gets around... She has dated so many different guys! (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc...) And to add to that, she writes songs about them--- and mostly making her seem like the victim to every break-up.

Joe Jonas is a different story. He has always been known to date around. But he's just like every other guy in the world, he just has more opportunities to get what he wants and he actually goes through with it.

&& this is why celebrities should keep their relationships and personal life PERSONAL. I completely respect the celebrities who keep to themselves (celebs like Mandy Moore, James Franco... etc) or who are mysterious (like Johnny Depp).


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