February 28, 2011


Sorry Boys and Girls It's Official !!! Yesterday night at The Oscars  the rumors of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been confirmed  TRUE !  Yes people Justin and Selena are dating and have decided to go public about it for the  two accompanied each other at The Oscars  and announced it . The couple seemed too be getting pretty  cozy together and he seemed to be very interested in her, so for those of you who have been CRUSHIN on Seleber Fever you might have too find a new one because they might be together for a while . 

Selena and Justin at The Oscars  Source Pic by:Ology.com

February 27, 2011

Best Dressed On Red Carpet 2011 (Appiah's Picks)

Tonight  I have picked out the most best dressed of my selections for both Men and Women of  "The Oscars" . Who wore it best in 2011  ? Click the link too see  .....  

Jennifer Hudson 

Oscars 2011

Well, tonight's the big night! As always, busy at work! Who do we want to win? Polls say for the different categories. It's a toss up. 

My Nominee Pics are:

1. The two main movies for Best Picture: The Social Network or Black Swan
    But are either of them gonna get it? Well, they say Inception will get it with 31%.

2. Best Director: David Fincher-The Social Network and Darren Aronofsky-Black Swan
    So far, Black Swan leads w/ 38%

3. Best Actor: Jesse Eisenburg-The Social Network
    Nail  bitter I hope he gets it!

4. Best Actress: Natalie Portman 82%

5. Best Screenplay: The Social Network 55%

6. Best Art Direction: Alice In Wonderland and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 1
    But I think Inception is gonna get it:/ by 47%

7. Best Cinematography: Black Swan and The Social Network
    But again, Inception leads by a whooping 68%

8. Best Costume Design: Alice In Wonderland leads by 82%
    Yeeeaaaaahhhhh man!

9. Best Film Editing: Black Swan 64% and The Social Network
    Either is fine.

Well I'll stop there I hit on the most important parts.
Hallie Berry 

February 19, 2011


The Fanatics are a New band trying to make it out there like everyone else that has a dream so I interviewed them too see what they are about here are my questions :

1.) How and when did you guys decide to create this new band?
2.) When did you all meet ?
3.) What type of sound are you guys going for ?
4.) How did you know that the music industry was for you three?
5.) Are you guys working on performing anytime soon ?
6.) What records are you with right now ?
7.) What gave you the title "THE FANATICS" ?

The Fanatics :

They Formed in 1999 through a church youth camp, Thousand Oaks, The Fanatics consists of three talented young men. Gordon Lawson, G-Mac, is the strength and foundation of the group giving a cool head in all situations through his strong faith in God, Music, and his group. Corey Stewart, Crazy, is the brains of the outfit providing the group with unique beats and vocals. He also produces many of the songs. Paul Kelley, PK, is the heart and passion of the group giving fire and excitement in every word out of his mouth. Together they are The Fanatics. The Fanatics “sound” is unique all its own blending witty wordplay and catchy hooks with a satirical perspective on everyday situations, all on top of pop melodies and hip hop rhythms. This recipe for their outstanding “sound” is only made sweeter by their deep love for music, which is conveyed through every word spoken and every beat laced. Their music is influenced by their own life experiences and an array of artists, too countless to be named and too different to be understood. They are fans of not just of hip hop/pop, but of music as a whole; taking the perspective of the fan they create lyrical scenarios that the fan would want the artist to talk about, all this hints the name The Fanatics. Since 2006, when the group started to look at music as a career, their popularity has grown throughout the state of Texas and the World. They have done shows with artists such as De La Soul, TI, David Banner, Trey Songs, Kiotti, and Lil Will. They have performed at a plethora of events ranging from a 12yr old’s Birthday Party, Music Festivals, and clubs on Texas’ famous 6th street. Speech from Arrested Development once said, "The Fanatics are truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of carbon copies and non diversity..."
There Answers : Yes we are working and performing quite often. We knew the music biz was for us as long as we can remember we are all huge fans of music , and that why we are called "The Fanatics" we are music Fanatics.
We have a track called Tumblin' feat. kiotti that has been on the radio here in htown. Also new songs "Off the Radar" produced by Bruce Bang, "Commander Data" and "Dance zombie". 
Mix Tape coming soon called "Hot Wings & Laser Beams" with Cameron Giddings. And the Album is set to drop in July titled "The Last Action Heroes"

As The Fanatics would say :
"Karate chop flow we make hits of all kinds"

permission by The Fanatics , Thanks 

The Fanatics 

House of Blues

On February 16, 2011 Wednesday night  I could not go to the House of Blues because I had homework. :( So, my mom filled in for me instead and went to take pics to share with you guys . The House of Blues that night was a great social event and a place to connect with models, photographers, fashionistas,    and more about 300-400 people arrived and every last one of them loved and enjoyed it. Among those that I knew from the Celebrity Fashion Experience fashion show that was suppose to be there fashion models Giana, and Terra Lynn from America's next Top Model-Cycle 15, Fashionista-Juan Lerma, and Noted Photographers-Jason D. Gilmore and Danny Campbell. Out of the bunch I named more than a few showed up. KidsNTheKnowOnline.com has made a few connections of our own.
Special Thanks to the Dallas Model Meet Up 2011 presented by The Dallas Model Network & Modern Social and the people who made it happen :Tiffany Bryan , Tiffany Ginoble, Michael Dettloff, and Sean Lee. Here is also a slideshow to give you an idea of the atmosphere of the House Blues and Dallas Meet Up has to offer just Click on the TITLE.
Kids N The Know Online

February 13, 2011

Grammy Time

Well, everyone likes to make their grand entrance and what way to do it Lady Gaga in a Giant Egg! She is known for extreme measures but this will do it just fine. I mean who can top that or who would want, too. But the thing ya just can't take away is the fact that it's an attention getter. And that my friends is the whole point.

At the Pre-Grammy's Clive Davis never disappoints with his production. He had Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Cee Lo Green,  Mumford & Sons, and Jennifer Hudson. Highlights were Whitney Houston and R. Kelly which the both got standing ovations from their huge catalog of hits which had A-list stars like GLEE,  Jane Lynch, Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams on their feet dancing to "Step In The Name Of Love" etc... Then, Cher made moving speech and gave out the President's Merit Award of the night to David Geffen, Co- Founder of Dreamworks Records who discovered Nirvana.
Source by: AP

February 12, 2011

OMGOSH!!!!! Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off stage
I know we witnessed the horrible performances surprisingly by The Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera at the NFL Super Bowl XLV all on national T.V. But then socialite Kim Kardashian who was invited to dance on stage with Prince while at a Madison Square Garden concert. Sadly, he was kicked her off stage because she didn't dance. His exact words were, "You Suck!"

February 9, 2011

Black History Month : Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey for Black History Month 

Every Year  for the month of  February all  Africans, African Americans , and etc celebrate" Black History Month" , so for my blog I decided to make a new post on my inspiration of media  Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey  was born in Kosciusko ,Mississippi  January,29,1954 as little girl and later in her years she had moved to Chicago to start her dream .For 2 decades Oprah has entertained , informed ,and elevated a million viewers on too  her show called "The Oprah Winfrey Show " .

  1. In the year of  1983, Oprah Winfrey got her start  at  WLS-TV's AM Chicago , later after it was considered low rated she took over it and it became the hottest rated talk show in Chicago. Later it was renamed : The Oprah Winfrey Show
  2. In 1986,  Oprah receives the Golden Globe and Academy Awards as Best Supporting Actress nominations for her role in the Color Purple . Later Harpo Inc. was established 
  3. In  1987, Oprah won her very 1st  Emmy award in the 14th Annual day-time  Emmys for the  best talk/service show host and best show.
  4. In 1988,The Harpo Productions Inc was established , and Oprah was titled People Choice Awards for Favorite Talk Show Host .
  5. In 1998, Oprah establishes the Oprah Angels Network, People choice award named her Favorite Female TV Performer, Oprah presented : The Wedding starring Halle Berry , Won six weeks libal trial in Amarillo , Texas about the comments in 1966 mad cow disease , became Co-founder of Oxygen Media ,and etc.
  6. In 2002 , Came the O magazine ,  Presented the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 54th Annual Prime-Time Emmy Awards, Helped the Christmas Kindness South Africa ,Oprah After the Show was created  ,LeaderShip Academy for Girls was created .
And her Accomplishments go on...... 

I am a 15 year old girl living the dream as  the 1st Kid Talk show host and I hope to continue to make a lot of accomplishments as she did .  Happy Black History Month 

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey SOURCE by :realbollywood.com