April 1, 2011

FHM Celebrity Experience II-Takes It To Another Level!!!!!!

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What did ya think it was going to be the same ole' same ole'?  In this cycle FHM and Celebrity Fashion Experience adds a little bit more by showing their Fall & Winter 2011 Collections.

On March 31, 2011, I had the pleasure of being amongst fashion designers, such as, Nico Lena by Nicholas D' Aurizio, Linda Rowe Thomas, and last but not least Oscar Fierro.

Nicholas D' Aurizio from Lifetime reality show"Project Runway" of Season 8 and he was featured during New York's Fashion Week. You can order his fashion line right off the runway!

Then, we saw Linda Rowe Thomas designs called Romas. This collection is ready-to-wear with a Parisian Flare. She first made her debut in Los Angeles Fashion Scene and her collection was displayed as February 2010 among "Designers to Watch" while the pre-show for New York's Fashion Week and also 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

Oscar Fierro, when I interviewed my the first time. One of the things that he wants to known for and he quotes, "I will be a leader and I am here to stay." In my opinion, he already is. He has gotten great press with his exciting fashion looks, like Dallas Morning News, Univision, FOX 4 News, F!D Luxe, and hip enough for my generation to be featured on Kids N The Know-kidsntheknowonline.com.  

You can find their designs by going to: www.Nicolena.com, www. Romasdesigns.com, www.oscarfierro.net.

Texas native, Terra Lynn from Cycle 15 - America's Next Top Model graced the runway in both top designers of the night.

Then, you had goddess Oscar models as a major highlight of the fab show. Especially, in the grand finale where the highlight of the show was Oscar riding a pony!!!! So hot!!! Rave reviews in my book. People were on their feet. Just clicking away! BRAVO!!!!

Of course, this couldn't be possible without the noted photographers I know, like Danny Campbell, Calvin Middleton, and J & J Studio and more.

More and more people came out last night to enjoy the highlights of the show. FHM/Co-Founders  CEO, Karen Michelle and Ron Smith did not disappoint.

The night wasn't even over because following the show was the after party with the works and red carpet at Club Za Za.

But seriously, that's a fashion show when you got people excited about their Celebrity Fashion Experience!!


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