March 28, 2011



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Well, I must say that Kids N The Know did enjoy the highlights of the Celebrity Apprentice VIP Watch Party in Dallas, Texas. Although, ACN had watch parties scattered all over the world. In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro-plex to be more exact Addison is where the huge turn out with theHost(s) Craig Kotter and Todd Abrams of the party.

Of course, we were graced with the red carpet treatment and expensive cars parked out front where people took pictures with them, including me with the White Beamer and 
Sean Lee set us up with our own chaperoned by the name of David Nieves and he was accompanied by, it looked to me like a Super Model. Everyone had a chance to indulge in the food trays in different rooms, exciting door prizes, like the new ipad, just to name a few. Kotter gave us a run down of what ACN is about what ACN has to offer, as far as, it being a viral global phone company and much more. Obviously, Donald Trump believes in ACN that much to have ACN on The Celebrity Apprentice for two consecutive times. Sounds like this could go far.

People rivaled over if the men or the women were going to win. That was hilarious. But seriously, at first I thought 
Lil Jon was gonna lose but Lil Jon surprised even me. But in the middle of the event the Host of the VIP party asked two young guys, by the name of Michael Provonsil and Brandon Garcia who were from the Boys and Girls Club came up onstage and announced how they've been major contributors to the Boys and Girls Club.

There was lots of great music same D.J. was at the 
House of Blues was at the VIP Party spinning! So many people there. It was like wall-to-wall.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Wish I had been there! ACN is a great company with great leaders!

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