July 23, 2011

Breaking News Amy Winehouse,27, was found dead at her house in London on Saturday July 23,2011. According to UK's Daily Mail and there media. The cause of her death for now is unknown. There will be an autopsy that is  going to take place tomorrow. It was said that the police was called out to Camden Square but didn't specifically say that it was her until they arrived and WineHouse was pronounced dead at the scene. WineHouse came out with her "Back to Black" album in year 2008 and was known for her hit single "Rehab". 

SOURCE by Yahoo! Amy WineHouse


Anonymous said...

poor child. I feel for those people on drugs. this is a 90% chance of what type of outcome it will be for them. I kind of praying it was not drug related to save her face. I hope it was something that she had nothing to do with.

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