March 7, 2011

A Fallen Star Outta Michigan

Sadly, there was a 16 year old Wes Leonard at a Michigan high school had a tragedy. As he collapsed and died on Thursday on the court. What's really sad about this is that he had just made the last 2 point lay-up shot out of his 21 points he earned during the game. The Fennville Blackhawks were undefeated 57-55 over Brigman High School.

According to AP coaches say:

"He made the shot and then the game was over, we had won, everyone rushed the court," said Tobias Hutchins, a senior at Fennville High School who was at the standing-room-only game. "He did the team lineups where they all shake hands, the basketball team held him up, he started walking, then collapsed."

Everyone was in disbelief, especially his family, the coaches, kids, etc.... 
When they got him to the hospital, he died there of a heart enlargement. Lost for words here's the video.


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