March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Unleashes his inner DOG again !

Well sorry ladies for hating on Rihanna for her long time relationship with Chris Brown  ,and then "TRYING" to blame her for the beatings that she got from him  and finding out that today on March,22,2011 he went on air to Good Morning America  going mad on there set trying to beat up the producer of Good Morning America , smashing a window of theirs , and leaving the building with 2 cops escorting him out with his shirt off and crazy blonde hair .  Brown has a fit all because one of there host on the show was asking him questions about the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident that happen 2 years ago and when they went off air he went completely crazy ! The question that roams my mind today is  "How is he going to mess up his image on Good Morning America ? " Trust me when i say that they won't ask him to be back on there show because the sign clearly says NO DOGS ALLOWED ! Brown  is from a small town in Virginia with only the population of 2,000 people , so usually people who break through something like that would have better representation like that enough to stay on top but NO! So let's cut to the chase ladies Chris Brown has a problem .


Chris Brown


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