November 7, 2011

America's Next Top Model All-Star Allison Harvard Makes Her Debut at 100,000 Views

When I look at ANTM All-Star, Allison Harvard, I think of porcelain dolls because of their still eyes. She even dresses like one, too. I still have dolls, you know. In which, I find her eyes haunting but at the same time innocent. 
Harvard's character doesn't come off artificial by far. She reminds me a lot of the character Luna Lovegood in the novelist J.K. Rowling's-Harry Potter. Harvard comes across as very fairy tale, full of mystery, and enchanting. You want to ask her what she's thinking next. 
In fact, Cycle 17-Episode 8 Harvard was taken out her comfort zone because the challenge was singing and appeared scared because she felt like she would have to conform to being a pop star or something. It look to me like the music producer couldn't just line her up with the rest of the girls style of music because she's different. For better words a diamond in the rough. After being upset about how she would sound and then what she wrote about which was about her dad dying last year. Who knew? But very sad and like Tyra I felt connected to her inner soul, as well. That's what made the song so special because with music artist when they write a song and it comes from deep with that's what makes a great song. Especially, the fact that she didn't want to participate in the challenge in the first place. She ended up winning best video and song because she persevered. Like one of contestants said about her is "not only can she act but she can model, act, and sing."  Triple threat! Her song kind of sounds airy like singer Ellie Gould. Honestly, I would not have added Tyra and the person in there because it takes away from the video and I know it's not up to her but... Now, soaring through the internet she has over 100,000+ views as she debuts her new song Underwater.



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