November 25, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY-Kids Point Of View Of It's FRIDAY, It's FRIDAY!!!!

I had to honestly ask myself. Do I really know the meaning of Black Friday and how did it come about? By definition there were three: 
1. September 24, 1869, the day the markets crashed following a failed attempt by some financiers to corner thegold market. Led to a depression.

2. In a more general sense, any Friday in which a public calamity occurred.

3. More recently, the term Black Friday has been applied to the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers make enough sales to put themselves "into the black ink."  

Considering the fact that stores have opened their doors up to customers like us on Thanksgiving Day and before. Would I brave getting up at the wee hours in the morning, camping out overnight, or waiting in line for hours after I made into the store to buy gifts. Like the lady who camped out at Best Buy since Sunday of last week just to get a bargain. And when find that someone was that willing to sacrifice being there for that long amount of time and she has kids. Because of all the media coverage there was on being there that early. In my opinion, Best Buy should have given her whatever she wanted just because she gave Best Buy free promotion to come to their store. Personally, I wouldn't do it because the store is going to have all kinds of sales leading up to Christmas Day and New-Year's Day. And even after January when Kwanzaa comes around stuff will be marked down. But what do I know I'm just you know...


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