November 28, 2011

This Is An Official Mall Look

These are the questions that run wild through my mind:

  1.  Why is it when people go to the mall they assume they won't see someone, something, or an event that's important (people post up at the malls like the news, tourist, fashion shows, big budget blockbuster movies, celebrities, grand openings etc...)? 
  2. Why do people even go to the mall anyway if their not going to dress to impress (especially if their out with their friends hanging out, going to the movies, or dinner)?
  3. Why don't people want to look their best (religious people who supposably say their christians knows this on a broader scale that this is expected by a Higher Calling, in which, I adhere to myself subtract the religious part)?
  4. Just because you go by yourself does that mean you shouldn't look descent?
  5. Those who are into guys. Guys like fashion, too. If they look good don't think they don't want you to look the same. Do you not think they don't notice? Step it up!! Just saying!
Well Emily didn't think this, at all. I spotted her at the mall inside of Nordstrom's in the BP department. Theses are some things that stuck out to me: 

  • Emily is rocking the very popular feather accessory. 
  • The flower crocet sweater head wrap. Her hair was in the runway messy haired ponytail. 
  • She played with the color scheme. 
  • She did the military vest. 
  • Some stretched leggings. 
  • Not a lot of makeup (that really key to me because the whole point is looking natural)
I can appreciate Tyra Banks from America's Next Top Model giving tips to the girls on how to look your best even when your getting ready to put makeup on. Even if your in sweats. Rock it. My mom is a big fan of sweats, too. In fact, what she'll mainly wear but she looks incredible. Even if you have more curves. You have to learn how to work it and know your body. And know what works and what doesn't. If you aren't absolutely comfortable about your opinion ask someone you admire who looks good all the time and get their honest opinion. The person you asked will even feel complemented by the thought that you asked them. For example, like Beyonce her personal shopper is her mother. Well same here. My mom is a one stop shop. Hands down. Just some helpful tips by yours truly.


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