October 9, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2011/ Nobel Peace Prize winner died three days before receiving award


Nobel Peace Prize winners Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Taywakkul Karman won for their "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work".   Three powerful women of 2011 still keeping alive the dream of Susan B. Anthony for all women's rights!

Leymah Gbowee

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Tawakkul Karman
SOURCE by Nobelprize.org

Nobel Peace Prize Winner:Ralph Steinman

died three days before receiving award

Ralph Steinman was a co-winner 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for medicine but unfortunately passed away on Sept.30  from pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed from it 4 years ago. Apparently Nobel commitee member Gorsan Hannsson said he was not aware that he was dead! Ralph Steinman was  a good man and we should honor him for all of his hard work! 

Ralph Steinman  SOURCE by Delcotimes.com


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