September 24, 2011

Taylor Lautner and his Co-star Lily Collins Break up!


As usual another Hollywood Hook up! To stars join up together in a epic movie, read script lines together, chemistry kicks in and thus it is born a Hollywood Hook up! Well in this case in ended up happening between Taylor Lautner(Twilight Saga) and Lily Collins in the new movie Abduction that came out recently on September 23,2011.  The two's relationship only lasted a week and they broke up the week before the red carpet movie premiere! Us weekly reports that the two felt uncomfortable at the 'Abduction' party and hardly said a word to each other ! They kept their relationship on the down low but Taylor didn't hesitate to talk about to a popular source Seventeen Magazine! Seventeen Magazine quotes Taylor about the relationship and he explains "You can feel some sort of chemistry or a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time, and that was totally the case with Lily." According to a source to E! News "[Taylor] wasn't into it, and she made all the effort, and "He wouldn't even visit her." Taylor also feels as though he is not ready to date anyone and he just rather be solo for a while and their is nothing wrong with that. In my opinion I don't think that it is "Gay" to break up with Lily Collins. Taylor was obviously not into her at all that much, but felt like he should give it a shot and see what happens and it also tells me that Taylor just might be waiting for Kristen Stewart. That just might be the case for Taylor and how he feels, but it's not gay to want to wait for someone special nor is it to not be desperate and chase after every pretty girl that passes by! Taylor Lautner is busy with other things to help him survive in this world and with that there is no time to be playing stud at the moment! 

SOURCE by : E! News, US weekly, Seventeen Magazine, and Hollywood Crush MTV 


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