September 12, 2011

New Fashion Week Continues With Spring/Fall Collections & Models

Dallas' most sought after Fashion Icons Ron J Smith and Karen Michelle of Celebrity Fashion Experience opens doors for not just fashion designers in the Dallas Market like Fashion Coutunier- Oscar Fierro, Bravo TV Finalist "The Fashion"-Reco Chapelle, Elia De Leon, Linda Rowe Thomas, Nayra Guerrero, Project Runway Season 8-Nicolena just name a few but also CFE models,  as well, such as "Kristen Elizabeth Byler" and "Teill Claassen". I mean where would fashion be without models. Not good models but great models. They are very picky about whose in their fashion shows and who they work with. Why? Because they prefer everyone on their team to have the same spirit and the same mind-frame. It's like Chemistry! Chemistry must go hand and hand. So it makes sense. How they give opportunities to capture fashion when no one else can and the original format that they use. Notice I said "Original". Even their idea of including celebrities at their shows in Dallas. For instance, Nikki Minaj was at the Betsy Johnson Show. Their journeys have taken them to a lot of places like New York to showcase the best from where they come from and putting Dallas, Texas on the map. People may try to copy them but when you don't have the formula you just don't. Because their brand name has been out there and people have already seen what they do and what they have already accomplished which is turning into a legacy. And with that being said, here is what's going on in Fashion Week 2011! I will keep you informed as the week progresses.

Teill Claassen
Teen Vogue


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