February 13, 2011

Grammy Time

Well, everyone likes to make their grand entrance and what way to do it Lady Gaga in a Giant Egg! She is known for extreme measures but this will do it just fine. I mean who can top that or who would want, too. But the thing ya just can't take away is the fact that it's an attention getter. And that my friends is the whole point.

At the Pre-Grammy's Clive Davis never disappoints with his production. He had Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Cee Lo Green,  Mumford & Sons, and Jennifer Hudson. Highlights were Whitney Houston and R. Kelly which the both got standing ovations from their huge catalog of hits which had A-list stars like GLEE,  Jane Lynch, Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams on their feet dancing to "Step In The Name Of Love" etc... Then, Cher made moving speech and gave out the President's Merit Award of the night to David Geffen, Co- Founder of Dreamworks Records who discovered Nirvana.
Source by: AP


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