February 19, 2011


The Fanatics are a New band trying to make it out there like everyone else that has a dream so I interviewed them too see what they are about here are my questions :

1.) How and when did you guys decide to create this new band?
2.) When did you all meet ?
3.) What type of sound are you guys going for ?
4.) How did you know that the music industry was for you three?
5.) Are you guys working on performing anytime soon ?
6.) What records are you with right now ?
7.) What gave you the title "THE FANATICS" ?

The Fanatics :

They Formed in 1999 through a church youth camp, Thousand Oaks, The Fanatics consists of three talented young men. Gordon Lawson, G-Mac, is the strength and foundation of the group giving a cool head in all situations through his strong faith in God, Music, and his group. Corey Stewart, Crazy, is the brains of the outfit providing the group with unique beats and vocals. He also produces many of the songs. Paul Kelley, PK, is the heart and passion of the group giving fire and excitement in every word out of his mouth. Together they are The Fanatics. The Fanatics “sound” is unique all its own blending witty wordplay and catchy hooks with a satirical perspective on everyday situations, all on top of pop melodies and hip hop rhythms. This recipe for their outstanding “sound” is only made sweeter by their deep love for music, which is conveyed through every word spoken and every beat laced. Their music is influenced by their own life experiences and an array of artists, too countless to be named and too different to be understood. They are fans of not just of hip hop/pop, but of music as a whole; taking the perspective of the fan they create lyrical scenarios that the fan would want the artist to talk about, all this hints the name The Fanatics. Since 2006, when the group started to look at music as a career, their popularity has grown throughout the state of Texas and the World. They have done shows with artists such as De La Soul, TI, David Banner, Trey Songs, Kiotti, and Lil Will. They have performed at a plethora of events ranging from a 12yr old’s Birthday Party, Music Festivals, and clubs on Texas’ famous 6th street. Speech from Arrested Development once said, "The Fanatics are truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of carbon copies and non diversity..."
There Answers : Yes we are working and performing quite often. We knew the music biz was for us as long as we can remember we are all huge fans of music , and that why we are called "The Fanatics" we are music Fanatics.
We have a track called Tumblin' feat. kiotti that has been on the radio here in htown. Also new songs "Off the Radar" produced by Bruce Bang, "Commander Data" and "Dance zombie". 
Mix Tape coming soon called "Hot Wings & Laser Beams" with Cameron Giddings. And the Album is set to drop in July titled "The Last Action Heroes"

As The Fanatics would say :
"Karate chop flow we make hits of all kinds"

permission by The Fanatics , Thanks 

The Fanatics 


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