January 9, 2011

8 hours of GLEE? GREAT!!!!! ...... NO !


January, 8,2011  My Mom went out to audition for the show " Glee " along with the other 2,000 Glee fans out there in America coming to Dallas, Tx  to land on the Popular Show and she made made it to the 2nd round , but the only reason why she didn't make it to the 3rd round was because of her age and she wasn't close to 18 yrs :( But I am sooo proud of her and they said they fell in love with her voice :)! While there my mom of course always on her duty decided to associate with the people standing in line waiting for there chance to go in and audition and she met a woman by the name of  Presley Kaylyn a.k.a Presley K   who spent the night outside the location at 7:30a.m friday up until January,8,2011 waiting to go inside ! She is a true die hard fan of Glee . Also there my mom met Kyle Byers and Sarah Morgan who have been there with her at 8:00 a.m . But the Biggest complaint that everybody couldn't stop talking about was that the Judges took a lunch break and that turned a amount of people  away , also people even younger than my mom couldn't go past a  round even though it said on the Glee website that you had to be of 18yrs and up . On the plus side MTV , Oxygen , and Different New Stations were there so that means fans  at least had there 15 mins of Fame while standing in line along with a surprise guest appearance  by Blaine Anderson one of cast members from the show . If you want to see pics please click on the title  at the top ! I'm your Host Appiah for Kidsntheknow thanks :)

Blaine glee.jpg
Blaine Anderson Source by Yahoo 


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