January 3, 2011

Taylor Swift have to take off her clothes? Really?

Taylor Swift vs. Lady Gaga-Can one compare?

According to Women's Wear Daily reports the magazine publications, like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle etc... Their best-selling issues for 2010 appeared when Lady Gaga graced the cover. I mean you've got Cosmo short for Cosmopolitan's April issue featured Gaga had sold $1.7 million copies to make it the best seller of the year. I mean Rolling Stone made $245,000 copies, almost Rolling Stone's average newsstand sales. Along with many other publications that Gaga on the cover. Which tells me that its not about just selling records and making being on the road for concerts. It's about having a look. 

Taylor is not selling her image in magazines. Ordinary people think it's okay to just look average but in the industry its a different world. And why would people settle for less. I agree, America has caught on. Not to say that, Taylor is not great because even I like her as best-selling artist with her dad supporting her by selling her T-Shirts at her concerts but its always gonna be that somebody that comes along sweeps everyone off their feet. No one is saying she should take off your clothes but think outside the box. I agree, America has caught on. Their tired of the same thing. Just spice it up sometimes you be surprised. I'm well known for always having my OWN trends and since of style. Take it from me change is good. 

Taylor Swift
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