December 2, 2010

Is Eminem over rated rapper ?

Eminem Dominates The Nominees 

Eminem , 38,  Says Yahoo source that Eminem is leading the way with 10 Nominees for the Grammy's ! Also leading the way with Nominees is Bruno Mars with a total of 7 and Lady gaga, Jay-Z, Flamboyant, and Lady Antebellum who was Nominated 6. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been on an much higher level has been voted for Best New Artist . Some say that Eminem is over-rated rapper because he's a white guy in an all black industry who has made a lot of record sales because he's white.

But really, Em has made his mark because not only does he sale records but he's a serious rapper. He comes hard in his raps. Plus, he keeps up with the new vibe on the streets as he still maintains his own flavor that we can all recognize his sound when we hear his music.

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