December 31, 2010

Celebrity Fashion Experience

December,30,2010 I , Appiah Montgomery, got to attend the "Celebrity Fashion Experience" here in Dallas, TX  created by  FHM (Front House Management) . While I was there I got the opportunity to interview Famous Fashion Designer  Oscar Fierro, Bravo T.V's  Finalist  Recco Chapple , America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 winner Ann Ward , and many many more that will be shown in a few weeks here on this blog . I wouldn't have been able to do all of those interviews with out the help of  my personal and fabulous tour guides by the Name of Juan Lerma and Eric Oliver Jr , and of course Ron Smith ! The Fashion Show was Amazing for every last piece of clothing creations by the Designers was something new and not something seen before ! The Models Posed and Strut the Runway as pro's , and made there Designers very very proud . For all who didn't come missed on this special event! Until next time That's My show Kidsntheknow ;) 


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