December 15, 2010

Who's That? Oh, you mean....

Who's That Girl, 2?

Madonna's second half, daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, has come into her own. When she started school this year. She was surround by a pool of students at the best high school in New York, called LaGuardia High School of Music. 

Well, she has her own clothing line. Now, she has started her own fashion blog. Lourdes shows expression what she sees and thinks. For example, the gladiator shoes came out in 2008. And she was like O.K. they're cute. Then, 2009 came around and people were still wearing them, And Lourdes was like, NOT AGAINNNNN! Now, it's 2010 for the 3rd year and she was like please people your still wearing the same thing, O.K. NOOO!

Last but least, Lourdes is going to be in the last movie for Harry Potter-Deathly Hallows Part 2!

I must say gladiator shoes are my least favorites, as well. I refuse to wear them. It's just not my thing. But pretty much we were born one year after each other and also a month after each other and we both have great mothers. I wouldn't consider that luck, either!



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