May 13, 2011

Former Dallas Cowboy's Athlete Speaks Out About Tom Landry

On Friday, May 13, 2011 I received a picture of my grandfather, Reginald Brown, 61, who played for America's team the Dallas Cowboy's #65. As you can imagine, I was surprised when I heard about this historical information. But when I asked him about who coached him at the time of him playing he told me Tom Landry. Brown says,

Well, to answer your questions: I played from January 1974 to September of the same year. I didn't make the final roster but I did start in the first exhibition game against the Oakland Raiders. I played on offense but I was really a defensive player. Anyway, my coach at the time was Tom Landry. It was ironic because we had the same date of birth and he lived in Austin when I moved there back in 1985. He died about 12 years later.

Who knew? The only thing I have a problem with is... Random thought but umm, just with you saying you should have been playing defense instead of offense. This is not like this is your round and about typical story. Thanks for the pic. I might go to the Cowboys and ask them for a team pick. So, we can have. I'm proud!!! 
Grandpa Reggie Brown - #65


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