October 9, 2011

Lily Collins Battles it out Kristen Stewart in Fashion for the 2012 movie Snow White

Dwarfs, Witches, and Fashion?
Lily Collins BATTLES it OUT with Kristen Stewart with not only movies but fashion?

Getting you prepared for the next upcoming movie that is the talk of the town "Snow White" but now it's not just about the movie but also the fashion! I took a look at Kristen Stewart's costumes and thought dark and edgy Snow White, but then I took a look at Lily Collin's costumes with the one and only Julia Robert's and thought enchanting, romantic Snow White as we have all known her to be. These aren't your average fairytale clothing and princess as you have known in the original fairytale because these two new movies have a twist to them, so please take a look!

Starting Off with Kristen Stewart "Snow White  and Huntsman" !

SOURCE by Yahoo!,Cinemablend.com

Ending with Lily Collins & Julia Roberts " Snow White" Designed by Eiko Ishioka whom won an Oscar for a previous movie!

SOURCE by Styleite


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