November 30, 2010

Short Interview with Local Nutcrackers Melanie Vargas


Melanie Vargas ,13, is  very good  local talented Ballet dancer and Ice Skater, so I took some time off to ask her about her Career,and How it got started,and Why she loves it .

Kidsntheknow How long have you been dancing?

Melanie11 years

Kidsntheknow:  Where have you performed at and which is your favorite ?

MelanieIrving Arts Center, Garland Theatre, and Prince of Peace Performing Arts Center. Fav. Irving Arts Center

Kidsntheknow : Ballet and Ice Skating ? Which one do you have more fun with ?

Melanie :More fun? Ballet. But 'Which one do i like more?' their both equal.

Kidsntheknow: Who helped you get your start ?

MelanieSkating- saw some girls skating at Galleria (when i was 2) and wanted to try it. Ballet- we were walking by the window (when i was 2) and wanted to try!

Kidsntheknow: and we will be right back !                          


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